Ah, tis the season. Since we are about to enter some often entertaining periods of campaigning over the next many months, and since I have been somewhat taken to task a few times for being ‘too’ political, I’ve thought about how best to get the message about my ministry happenings and my stand on certain topics across, without mixing them up.

Now…let me just say…I don’t really have an issue with things existing in the same space. But…there are some who might have a different opinion than I do when it comes to politics, and that is their right (to be wrong :)). So here’s the solution…

Starting right away, I will be using my web site and blog/newsletter to get out all info on ministry activity, etc. I will still use facebook to talk about my beliefs (see the previous note about truth).  There really is just no way to separate my political feelings and my spiritual convictions, and I don’t want to. I really do believe that it’s time Christians Take A Stand for what we believe and let our voices be heard. We don’t have to agree on it all, we just need to deal with the truth.

So…be warned. If you see a post by me here, know that it’s going to (for the most part) deal with me preaching about an issue, or speaking about a race. There will still of course be the random acts of snark that will be passed about, but you have to expect that. If you don’t want to hear about my political views…then read about ministry stuff on the web blog. It’s still the same…www.rodburtonmusic.com

Be blessed…


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